About us

Miller Knight is a financial planning and advisory company, established in 2001, that specialises in ensuring people make the most of their money as they approach and enter into retirement. Over the years, we have found the best place to start is at the beginning, helping you decide the simple, but critical question: can I afford to retire?

Making dreams happen

We will help you to plan ahead to ensure that the single biggest worry people have about their retirement won’t happen to you: running out of money.

You can have all sorts of different objectives and aspirations to make the life you want in retirement a reality: what we do is help make your objectives achievable, and your plans sustainable, through your retirement. We’ll also tell you if these cannot be achieved.

We help clients identify and crystallise their objectives, implement an effective strategy to meet them, and provide peace of mind for their finances into the future through regular reviews.

We have found over the years this is the most effective way to ensure your best-laid plans bear fruit and your dreams are realised.

What does money mean to you?

To help us help you answer the question of when you’ll be able to retire, we like to ask: what does money mean to you? The range of responses this and other questions elicit are important in helping us establish enough ‘soft facts’ to enable an understanding of where you want to be throughout your life.

In order for us to help you most, we need to know your answer to the question: ‘If we were meeting here in three years from today – and you were looking back over those years to today – what has to have happened during that period for you to feel happy about your progress?’

We ask these, and other ‘soft fact’ questions to ascertain what purpose money has to you and your priorities in life.

This meaningful base then leads naturally into the hard facts we need to know to help you, such as income versus proposed expenditure, on top of what you need to live to the standards you have worked hard to put in place, and any other significant outgoings we should be aware of. Of course, it may be that you are already in retirement and want to plan for something you have already decided on – such as giving lump sums of money to your children.

Whatever your objectives and aspirations may be, Miller Knight will help you structure and realise all their different components into a retirement plan that is completely tailored to your requirements and therefore best for you.

With our experience and expertise, we ensure that your retirement plan is robust, sufficiently flexible to adapt to changing requirements and, most importantly, maximizes what you already have.